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Posted by Leaders Advertising Agency on Wednesday, March 9, 2011


“Leaders” is a mid size advertising agency that has a deep and clear vision, mission and values. The company was founded in 2002 by Mr. Mohamad Al Mango and Mr. Mamdouh Fahmy, company Chairmen. Our goal from the first beginning was to get through the advertising market therefore, we started to learn, understand and study the Egyptian market with all its clients, their needs, available and potential tools. Over the past 10 years we managed to take our place among the biggest agencies in Egypt. Our integrity, creativity, and commitment toward our clients have given us a respectful reputation and a unique style in the world of advertisement. “Leaders” has a partnership with Al-Ruwad advertising agency in Jeddah and Al Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. As we’re aware that marketing isn’t static, we hired a strong team of Marketers, designers, productions and web developers, each has his own expertise in his job, and we all agreed that we will never be “Leaders” if we didn’t love what we do.


Our vision
• To be ranked as one of the top 50 marketing and advertising agencies
in the World.
• To be the number 1 clients choice
• To be one of the most attractive employers


Our mission
• To provide high quality and service standards delivered to our clients.
• To enrich the world with new ideas and clever designs.
• To invest in our team by giving the necessary training, knowledge and tools.
• To create a comfortable, attractive, dynamic and stable work environment.
• To recommend the best advertising methods to the clients.

Our values
We’re here to change, to make the world better, our integrity, honesty, commitment and accountability are our identity.
Our passion about our work, our clients and our environment is part of who we are and what we’re doing.
We seek for innovation in everything; we always search for new thoughts, new actions and new achievements.
Our actions are driven by our dedication to our clients; therefore, we always target to deliver the best quality to them.

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